Coloring Under The Covers is LIVE


This is a project I am honored to be part of. It consists of 48 authors who have come together for an awesome charity. LifeAfterProject is a suicide prevention organization.

So I think this is a fantastic way to relax and kick back. Take some time for yourself with some of your favorite authors and up & coming authors, an adult coloring book with great book covers and a organization that is trying to save lives. 💜 💜

I have ANGUISH in Vol #1 from The Journals Trilogy.



AWAKENING is releasing on 1.28.17.  The Journals Trilogy is now exclusive to Amazon Kindle Unlimited. That means if you are in KU they are FREE.

Great time to start ANGUISH & VENGEANCE before AWAKENING arrives.



The Journals Trilogy

Great time to start this trilogy as AWAKENING is scheduled to publish on Saturday January 28, 2017.

Join Quinn on her journey to finally deal with what happened to her on that one horrible night ten years ago. 

She will work through her Past in ANGUISH-her Present in VENGEANCE to prepare for her Future in AWAKENING.

ANGUISH is currently on sale at Amazon, B &N, iTunes and Kobo for only $0.99.



Awakening is scheduled to publish on January 28th, 2017.  This is the final book in the Journal’s Trilogy. 

Follow Quinn as she finally starts to plan her future.  Will it include Stone or will Quinn go it alone. 



Sunday Motivation

Holidays are just around the corners.  As much as we want everything to be perfect it never is.  Do your best and try to enjoy them with those closest to you. Family and Friends.

Today I am going to try to get some baking done.  Enjoy your day!


Winter is in the air….

I live in the snow belt of Northwest Indiana and the snow has arrived.  We currently have around 4-5 inches and are expecting another 5 inches by evening.  Please be careful wherever you are.




Thankful & Thank You

With the USA Thanksgiving a couple of days away wanted to take a moment to be thankful.

Thanks for your support over the past year as life happened.  I’m so thankful for my family & friends who have been there for my family this year.  No words can express it but know it comes from the heart.

Always remember those who have your back.  Treasure the important things in life. 

A huge Thank You to our Soldiers out there.  Your sacrifice allows me to follow my dream.




Fall is in the Air

My favorite time to read is now.  Weather is cooling down and colors are coming to life.  Take some time for you, sit outside and enjoy the brisk fall weather.  Find some great books and enjoy this season. I know I plan too.




9.11 Always Remember

Today marks the 15 year anniversary.   Please take a moment to reflect on all we lost that day.  Always treasure what you have and more importantly who you share it with.  Tell those in your life how much they mean.


WIP’s Update


Currently working on the final chapter of The Journals Trilogy. This will take you into Quinn’s future.  After dealing with her Past and Present we finally are shown what path she will take.  And that path has to include her children and sisters. But does it also include Stone, who has been waiting for years for a chance at the woman who haunts his every waking thought.  And is the danger truly gone from Quinn’s life.  Guess you will have to wait and see.  Release date TBD but hoping for some time this Summer.

Journals Trilogy 3 ebook

Daisy’s Book-Wheels & Hogs Book 5 (Untitled)

Also working on the next book in my Wheels & Hogs series.  This story will be about Dee Dee’s fourteen year old daughter Daisy.  There were some teasers in Holidays with the Horde Book 4. If you read that book you will know that young Daisy is being bullied by some ‘mean girls’. Daisy’s journey will be emotional,  hard and gut wrenching but with the Horde every character must face their demons before they can find a HEA.  You will also get glimpse of all the Horde and how once again when one is in trouble the entire group will come together to help.  Daisy will come to realize how lucky she is to have the Horde on her side.  Release date TBD but hopefully mid to late Summer.

Cover Reveal Coming Soon


Enjoy this Ride we call Life!!


Holidays with the Horde Teasers

With the upcoming release next Thursday 4.21.16, I will be sharing teasers with you to wet your appetite for the next book in my Wheels & Hogs series. Holidays with the Horde is Book 4 in the series.  Hope you enjoy this awesome teasers. 

Thanks Laura for creating them.

Teaser 4Teaser 11.6

Holidays with the Horde

Wanted to give some background on the next book in my Wheels & Hogs series.  From the title you can tell it is a holiday book but it is so so much more. 

I started this book as a sneak peek into the Horde and their holidays.  It turned out to be a wonderful insight to why these people are so close and are truly family.  Blood is not thicker than water with the Horde. Their unique group makes for the best family ever.

You will get a look at their holidays starting with Thanksgiving and ending with New Year’s Eve. Beyond that you will get to see how they interact, support and adore each other through the holiday season and beyond.

One of our couples will show why their relationship has lasted over the test of time and illness. Another couple will start the beginning of their lives together as one is surprised on New Year’s Eve by their partner in a way neither will forget. Another Horde member eyes will finally open to what is right in front of him well actually right under the  mistletoe.

Finally you will get a glimpse of whose books will be next and why.  Each book so far has touched on sensitive subjects and the new books will too.  Some of those issues may include bullying, alcoholism & human trafficking to name a few.

This book will be releasing in April waiting on my Editor before giving a firm date but can not wait for y’all to read more of my Horde.




AWAKENING Cover Reveal

The final book in my Journals Trilogy. Follow Quinn as she starts to rebuild and look to her Future.   Will that Future include Stone?

Guess you will have to wait and see.  Coming Late Spring/Early Summer 2016


Cover Reveal-The Journals Trilogy Book Three 3.4.16

Can’t wait to share the cover reveal of Book Three in The Journals Trilogy.  It is going to be deep which shows how far Quinn has come.

This is the final book in the Trilogy and be prepared.  Hold onto your seats as this one will blow your minds.

We only have 4 days until this reveal.

As always Enjoy this Ride we call Life!!




It is finally here. I hope you like the cover as Margreet Asselbergs from Rebel’s Edit and Design did an awesome job.  I luv it.

Holidays with the Horde

Now that your holidays are over, and all the decorations are put safely away, let’s take a look at how the Horde spent their holidays.

Join Fern and Gabriel for Thanksgiving as they host a feast for the Horde and their friends. The Murphy’s table holds not only the Horde, but bikers, friends, and the biggest blessing in their lives the children. But be prepared. Not everyone is grateful for what they have. 


Wolf opens his home and heart for Christmas Eve dinner, showing a side of himself that up until now, he has kept hidden. Once again, the Horde and friends come together. Let’s see what, or more importantly, who, meets under the mistletoe for that Christmas Eve kiss.


 Christmas Day finds everyone at Des’ house, to experience their holiday in the woods. As everyone is enjoying each other’s company, who should appear with a sled led by deer? That’s right, it’s Santa Claus, with a bag full of gifts for everyone.


Finally, on New Year’s Eve, Cadence makes one of Trinity’s dreams come true. With stars in the sky, and snow on the ground, celebrate with the Horde, as Cadence once again wears his heart on his sleeve.


Enjoy this Ride the Horde calls Life, and see what is coming next for the Wheels & Hogs family.


Cover Reveals Coming Soon

Hey Ya’ll evening.  I just wanted to share that I will have two cover reveals hopefully by end of January for one and during  February for the second.  They will be for the following:

Wheels & Hogs Book 4-You’ve had your holidays so now take a peak into the Horde’s. See how they spent theirs. This will also give you an idea of whose books will be coming next from the Horde.

The Journals Trilogy Book #Three-The final book in this trilogy dealing with Quinn & Stone’s Present.   Hang on to your seats. 


Happy New Year-2016 is here

Wanted to wish each and everyone a very prosperous and happy 2016.  May we all have more joys than sorrows and find many new books that fill our hearts with overwhelming emotions and allow our soul’s to breathe. 

For a limited time I have put Book 1 in both of my series Wheels & Hogs and The Journals Trilogy on sale at Amazon for only $0.99.  Great time to start these series.

DM Earl’s Amazon Page

D.M. EARL'S SERIES 1.3.2016

So from my house to yours enjoy this beginning of a new year.  Start fresh and remember the sky is the limit.

Enjoy this Ride we call Life!!



Quinn’s story continues in Book # Two of The Journals Trilogy.  Look deep into her soul as she plots  her revenge after the men who in one night changed her destiny.  She is also fighting with her attraction to Stone whom she has hated since that night so  long ago. How can she hate him and want him at the same time.

Find a quiet spot with your favorite beverage and see what Quinn has plans.  You won’t be disappointed.

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Yes the time is almost here.   So if you haven’t read ANGUISH go get it right now and be ready because VENGEANCE will blow you away.  It is a dark, suspenseful read that will have the hair on your neck up and make you think about what you would do in the same circumstance.

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B & N

To wet your appetite for this book here is a teaser….

I watch as Stone’s crazy friend throws cuffs on the semiconscious giant and with little effort, helps the man up and walks him to the truck, throwing the giant in the back of the crew cab. Glancing back at Stone, I feel suddenly scared and confused.

Holy shit.

What am I doing? I have two kids and two sisters to worry about. Not to mention the bakery, Ivy, and my employees, who depend on me for their livelihood?

Jumping down from my Jeep, I approach Stone and he reaches for me, pulling me into his side. “We’ll put him up at one of the safe houses until you make a decision on what you want to do with him. This actually works to our advantage because it leaves Walker with one less stooge.”

His words bring an unexpected giggle bursting from my lips as I throw my hands over my mouth. But then I ask, “What happens if I decide I can’t do anything to them? Will you let him go?”


The Horde’s WIP

Hello everyone.  I am in the process of working on a book 4 for my Wheels & Hogs SeriesIt will be a Holiday book (not sure if it will release before or right after the holiday date TBD) and it will give you a bit more of all the characters you love.  So you will be seeing Des, Wolf, Cadence, Trinity, Gabriel (Doc) & Fern, Daisy, Jagger, Archie, Willow and many more.

Also this book will set up some storylines for next year. 

Cover reveal coming shortly.  Can’t wait to share this with you. 

Enjoy this Ride we call Life!


cover reveal