Yes the time is almost here.   So if you haven’t read ANGUISH go get it right now and be ready because VENGEANCE will blow you away.  It is a dark, suspenseful read that will have the hair on your neck up and make you think about what you would do in the same circumstance.

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To wet your appetite for this book here is a teaser….

I watch as Stone’s crazy friend throws cuffs on the semiconscious giant and with little effort, helps the man up and walks him to the truck, throwing the giant in the back of the crew cab. Glancing back at Stone, I feel suddenly scared and confused.

Holy shit.

What am I doing? I have two kids and two sisters to worry about. Not to mention the bakery, Ivy, and my employees, who depend on me for their livelihood?

Jumping down from my Jeep, I approach Stone and he reaches for me, pulling me into his side. “We’ll put him up at one of the safe houses until you make a decision on what you want to do with him. This actually works to our advantage because it leaves Walker with one less stooge.”

His words bring an unexpected giggle bursting from my lips as I throw my hands over my mouth. But then I ask, “What happens if I decide I can’t do anything to them? Will you let him go?”


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