Holidays with the Horde

Wanted to give some background on the next book in my Wheels & Hogs series.  From the title you can tell it is a holiday book but it is so so much more. 

I started this book as a sneak peek into the Horde and their holidays.  It turned out to be a wonderful insight to why these people are so close and are truly family.  Blood is not thicker than water with the Horde. Their unique group makes for the best family ever.

You will get a look at their holidays starting with Thanksgiving and ending with New Year’s Eve. Beyond that you will get to see how they interact, support and adore each other through the holiday season and beyond.

One of our couples will show why their relationship has lasted over the test of time and illness. Another couple will start the beginning of their lives together as one is surprised on New Year’s Eve by their partner in a way neither will forget. Another Horde member eyes will finally open to what is right in front of him well actually right under the  mistletoe.

Finally you will get a glimpse of whose books will be next and why.  Each book so far has touched on sensitive subjects and the new books will too.  Some of those issues may include bullying, alcoholism & human trafficking to name a few.

This book will be releasing in April waiting on my Editor before giving a firm date but can not wait for y’all to read more of my Horde.




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