WIP’s Update


Currently working on the final chapter of The Journals Trilogy. This will take you into Quinn’s future.  After dealing with her Past and Present we finally are shown what path she will take.  And that path has to include her children and sisters. But does it also include Stone, who has been waiting for years for a chance at the woman who haunts his every waking thought.  And is the danger truly gone from Quinn’s life.  Guess you will have to wait and see.  Release date TBD but hoping for some time this Summer.

Journals Trilogy 3 ebook

Daisy’s Book-Wheels & Hogs Book 5 (Untitled)

Also working on the next book in my Wheels & Hogs series.  This story will be about Dee Dee’s fourteen year old daughter Daisy.  There were some teasers in Holidays with the Horde Book 4. If you read that book you will know that young Daisy is being bullied by some ‘mean girls’. Daisy’s journey will be emotional,  hard and gut wrenching but with the Horde every character must face their demons before they can find a HEA.  You will also get glimpse of all the Horde and how once again when one is in trouble the entire group will come together to help.  Daisy will come to realize how lucky she is to have the Horde on her side.  Release date TBD but hopefully mid to late Summer.

Cover Reveal Coming Soon


Enjoy this Ride we call Life!!


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