Savage Hearts Anthology

I am part of a 13 author paranormal anthology that is scheduled to release on 10.31.2017.  Currently with our editor. 

“Savage Hearts” will feature monsters from classic horror/gothic literature (19th century) as the love interest in a re-imagined spin on classic characters. All profits are going to Spirit of Children Charity.

My monster is Frankenstein and can’t wait for ya’ll to read his story. 

Mark your calendars for 10.31.2017. 



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Since I was old enough to my love for reading has consumed me. As I grew older stories popped in and out of my mind but never had "time" to take that next step. This year with the support of my husband I have been truly blessed to have published the beginning of my series Wheels & Hogs with Book 1 Connelly's Horde and Book 2 Cadence Reflection. I am currently working on Book 3. Never lose sight of your dreams they do come true. Enjoy this Ride we call Life!

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