Savage Hearts Available Now

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Savage Hearts: A Paranormal Romance Anthology

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Dracula, Quasimodo, Dr. Jekyllโ€ฆthey are the monsters that stalk your nightmares. Haunting the pages of books for centuries, they are the embodiment of all that emerges from the shadows when you close your eyes. They are the deformed, the hated and the incomprehensible, fated to walk in the darkness alone forever.

Or are they? Stop running. Stop hiding. See past the monster. Look into the face of fear and you might just find the soul of a man.

“Loving the Hound” by Mila Waters
“Immortal Devotion” by Lou Tenn
“Wickedly Ever After” by Stephanie Ingram, Author
“Night Music” by Desiree King
“Behemoth” by D M Earl Author
“Hyde and Seek” by Katie H. Weill
“Holding the Devil” by Stephanie Farrant
“Yielding to Temptation” by Jess Raven
“He Calls” by Alice K. Wayne
“Beyond the Shallows” by Author Kristy Nicolle
“Bander Snatch” by David Michael
“Sanctuary” by Harper L. Jameson

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