Meet DM

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DM lives in Northwest Indiana with the love of her life.  Having been an obsessed reader since childhood, she finally, after much support from her hubby,  took the steps to start writing professionally.

If she’s not writing or reading, her ass is usually found either on my 2004 Harley Dyna next to her man on his 2011 Harley or puttering in the garden and flower beds around their home.  

Sometimes she’s just relaxing on the back deck with our their pits laying at her feet, enjoying the sun & chimes as their indoor cats look out. There are also multiple strays living in their garage, as they are both nuts about animals. Let me clarify-NUTS.

So with that, make sure you keep this link available because DM will be updating her website often.  Thanks for stoppin’ by.

Enjoy this Ride we call Life!!

2 thoughts on “Meet DM

  1. SUSAN DODDS says:


    Looking for all of your books in the “GRIMM WOLVES MC” series. Also, what are all of your titles in the “WHEELS & HOGS” series.




    • dmearl14dmearl says:

      Thank you for your interest in my books. Please see below. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me at

      Currently I am working on Book 1 & 2 from Grimm Wolves MC to make them a book instead of a Novella. Wheels & Hogs series is Connellye’s Horde, Cadence Reflection, Gabriel’s Treasure and Holidays with the Horde.

      Thanks Susan have a great day!
      D.M. Earl


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