Wednesday Check-In

How’s everyone doing?

I know it is getting pretty scary out there but let’s make a honest attempt and listen to the professionals saying if you don’t have to go out and stay at home.

It isn’t fun I’m sure and many factors come into play.  Financially, mentally and emotionally.  Try and find something positive or grateful in your life each and every day.

Be safe!!



COVID 19 Check-In

Hey y’all just checking in to make sure everyone is doing ok.  I know this is getting worse daily but let’s remember we are strong and if we just take the precautions this to will pass. 

Sending much love from our home to yours.  Be safe, share smiles, let your loved ones know how you feel, check on the elderly.  Be a real human being during these times of trouble. 


DM/Dawn When-you-face-difficult-times-know-that-challenges-are-not-sent-to-destroy-you.-They’re-sent-to-promote-increase-and-strengthen-you.-225x300

Christmas Inspirations

As we approach Christmas try to remember to share the true spirit of Christmas.  Share the blessings in your life with others not so fortunate.