Good day. I currently am working on 3 WIP’s. One is an anthology with I believe 13 other authors that will be releasing in October.  Can’t say much it is a secret right now.

Also writing Book 5 in the Wheels  Hogs series.  This is Daisy’s book so my first attempt at a  young adult book. Her book deals with bullying, eating disorder, teenagers, suicide.

Finally have been working on Spirit’s standalone book from The Journals Trilogy.  This book is gonna be very dark just sayin. Spirit is just one of those types of people.

Enjoy your day and know that I am hard at work writing more of my real stories about real life issues. 

Can’t wait for ya’ll to see them. 


Three Year Writing Anniversary

This weekend marks my 3 year anniversary for publishing Connelly’s Horde.  The Novella was my first attempt at writing and it has been such a phenomenal ride so far.  Since Connelly’s Horde I have written six more books in two separate series.  Also involved in multiple anthologies and coloring books. 

I want to thank you for supporting me and reading my books.  I will continue to write as long as ya’ll enjoy my stories about real people in real life drama’s and situations.

So to celebrate if there is anyone who hasn’t read Connelly’s Horde I will be gifting 10 copies Direct to Kindle.  Email me at dmearl14@gmail.com and tell me why you like/love to read.  That’s it.   

Enjoy this Ride we call Life!!

Coloring Under The Covers is LIVE


This is a project I am honored to be part of. It consists of 48 authors who have come together for an awesome charity. LifeAfterProject is a suicide prevention organization. https://www.facebook.com/lifeafterproject/

So I think this is a fantastic way to relax and kick back. Take some time for yourself with some of your favorite authors and up & coming authors, an adult coloring book with great book covers and a organization that is trying to save lives. 💜 💜

I have ANGUISH in Vol #1 from The Journals Trilogy.




AWAKENING is releasing on 1.28.17.  The Journals Trilogy is now exclusive to Amazon Kindle Unlimited. That means if you are in KU they are FREE.

Great time to start ANGUISH & VENGEANCE before AWAKENING arrives.